You are Enough! | Farmington, New Mexico Photographer | March 23, 2017

Hello Cami!


1. What are your top 5 favorite things?

1.Costa Vida

2. Writing

3. Going on long drives to nowhere

4.  Naps

5.  Soccer

2. If you had an extra $200, how would you spend it?

I would probably buy a puppy.  My Daddy wouldn’t be too happy, but it would be too cute not to get!

3. What has been your biggest challenge in High School?

My toughest challenge in High School has been getting the mandatory amount of credits needed to graduate in a two year span.

 It has been so hard, but completely worth it, to know that I will graduate with 27 credits.  That’s more than what I even needed:)

4.  How have you changed since your Freshman year?

Since my Freshman year, I believe I have changed so much.  I grew up as you would say.  I didn’t take school seriously my freshman year and messed around instead of doing my school work.  When my Sophomore year came along, I got my head back in the game.  I also got my first part time job at Olive Garden.  From my sophomore year until now, I have worked and gone to school.  I even bought my own car for working so hard.  I’ve grown up and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without my parents or Vista Nueva High School.

5.  What is your favorite memory in High School?

My favorite memory has to be meeting the people I am graduating with.  They have become such a special part of my life and some of my closest friends.

 I don’t know what I would do without them.  I love them so much.

6.  What is your favorite quote?

My favorite quote is “You are Enough”.

I have been battling depression for about a year and sometimes you just need that reminder that you are good enough and

you will overcome this no matter what.

7.  Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years I hope to be doing my dream job in the medical field, with possibly a family, and living a happy life.

I hope I’m successful and having the great life I’ve always planned on having!


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